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At the wedding ceremony of Zaudi, her mother, Imanesh Kabede, was not by her side.
They separated 9 years ago and hoped that Zaudi would find a good life in the Land of Israel.
She made her long journey through Egypt (Sinai) alone. The first nights in the country she spent behind bars and her first warm bed she found with the nuns in the Ethiopian church In Jerusalem.
When her son, Mahart, was 3 days old she found an adoptive family. Or rather, Yael and her family found and wrapped her up with great care. 
Yael is such a woman. One that hugs you super tight. She also picked me up when I was afraid to enter Hebron for the first time with her friends, no epidemic will stop her from continuing to drive a Palestinian girl in need of medical treatment in Israeli territory, and she will not really be afraid to express her great pain in tears, even if she is already 50 years old.
And one day Zaudi called Yael in heartbreaking tears and told her that her mother in Ethiopia had died, and that now Yael will be her mother. And as a warlike, protective mother, enveloping her cubs, Yael was apprehensive when she heard about the impending wedding, but she released Zaudi into her new way.
She knew how to pick up the phone to me and share with me her " daughter" story, and told me that I was the one who should be there in this special moment.
For Zaudi, for myself, and also a bit for herself.
I made a small photo album for Zaudi from her wedding day. Soon Yael will come to me from the far north, will hug me tight and together we will drive to the city, Lod. Along the city streets placed Zaudi's new home. Where is now lives her own new  family.

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