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Sagit Zaluf Namir | Lecturer and coordinator, curator and judge of competitions and festivals in Israel


In recent years I have accompanied a great number of photographers in their creating journey, amongst them Meital Dor.

I have been following Meital for a number of years and I can say that she is one of the more talented photographers I have met.

Meital has a unique way of looking at things and a particular way of presenting a subject.  She is bold, courageous and capable of observing the object without making judgement, thus successfully getting to the root of the human story in front of her, as is.

Her sensitivity and her warm heart enable her to reach out and greet each person for who they are without judgement or forming opinion.

Possessing these qualities, she engages the trust of the people she meets forming an open and intimate relationship.

Meital has high moral values, knows how to protect the honor of the people she photographs and with this presents a human and sensitive story like no other.

As well as this she knows how to bring passion to her projects, she is a disciplined and diligent worker, has impressive dedication which brings progress and development as a photographer and as a creator.

Meital is a rare combination of professionalism, diligence, sensitivity and humanity. 

Not less important she has the courage to touch the taboo in sensitive places with an open heart and a closed eye.


Maya Anner | Chief Curator. Israel

From an interview for "Hasifa - Haaretz Photography Blog" 


To the question could Maya choose a few projects that had for her special emotional effect at PHOTO:IS RAEL The 8th International Photography Festival she answered:

" Meital Dor - An Israeli photographer who I had not previously been acquainted with but was very moved by the project that she submitted to the Open Call (Transformation) for the exhibition. Meital accompanied a Palestinian family during the final weeks of their three-year-old son. Through intimate, minimalistic photographs without any special dramatization she succeeds in reaching out and telling (portraying) the personal story of this family as well as relating to the complicated political situation which is part of our everyday lives here in Israel ".


Amos Nachoum | Explorer, wildlife photographer, public speaker. California


Meital possess both sensitivity to the subject at hand and the emotional ability to connect between humans, light and darkness, happiness and sadness. She excels with authenticity and bravery,  this is how i see Meital and her extremely special photography.

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