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I believe each person has a story, a gentle, intimate, moving, and sometimes painful story. Meeting people and hearing their stories represents for me the essence of creativity. When my heart starts to beat strongly in response, I know it’s the right match.


I heard about Amos Nachoum for the first time when the film Pictures of His Life was playing in the Jerusalem Film Festival. Seeing the trailer, I knew I had to see the film.

There’s a part in the film where Amos is sitting in front of the sea and speaking in a shaky voice. I immediately knew I wanted to photograph him. I sent one email to him and nervously waited to hear back. And, then the answer came; yes, he’s willing to have his photo taken by me.


Great things have happened and still do in Amos’s life, and much has been written about him. But, knowing him personally revealed to me a unique, generous man, hopelessly adventurous, warm, and humane. His world is quiet, richly filled, and brimming with passion.

We met on December 1, 2019, at 1:30 AM and drove together to the Dead Sea in Israel to photograph Amos as I see him, as I feel the pictures of his life.


Amos is an Israeli American nature photographer. He’s one of the best underwater still photographer in the world, and he is the owner of BigAnimals Global Expeditions. And, now, he is also a family member and a dear friend.

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