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For the past few years, Lorraine has been journeying through the final stages of her life, courageously confronting dementia's shifting currents. Both Lorraine and her husband had spiritually and mentally prepared for this phase and approached it with serene acceptance.


The morning Lorraine experienced her first fall, Latisha was by her side, sharing in deeply fragile moments as Lorraine navigated her new condition. Each time ever since Lorraine has fallen, I witnessed Latisha tending to Lorraine in a silent yet profound exchange of gratitude amidst the drifting moments. Exposed and vulnerable, Lorraine yielded to Latisha's gentle guidance, with tender and caring words, with gentle and patience movements, and in those moments of grace, it was evident that each was fulfilling her purpose in this world, through the depths of compassion, love, and companionship.

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