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On August 2, 2021, it was exactly four months since we got on an airplane in Tel Aviv, Israel, and landed in Dallas, Texas. We chose to journey to the unknown.

Two parents, a big pile of suitcases, three slightly frightened children, all of us a little worried and mostly excited and trusting.

In this journey, we’re together with our kids, whatever happens. Nonstop interactions, lots of sighs, frustrations, and sometimes tears and drama. It can’t get more crowded than that, or more whole, intense, and animated.

And, thanks to the children, I found my first American wedding. For Ali, it’s the second one, and from a family of three, they turned into a family of seven. I’m sure they also never have a dull moment.


A good friend told me once that “it takes one to know one.” And, I say, thanks for giving us the amazing people we meet on the way with their strangeness and their culture, their customs, and our mutual need to belong, so that we can meet those just as we are: two parents and three very intense and animated children. The meeting enables all of us to step out of our ways and experience life at its full intensity.


Thank you, Ali and Bryan, for letting us too into the fold of your family.

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