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WhatsApp: 972-52-3962221

Phone No. (+1) 469-618-4995


Meital (Tula) is an Israeli photographer, born in 1976, based in Texas since 2021.
She found her way into photography in her early forties with no official background, but it was clear to her that she has an inexplicable urge to present truth to the world. 

In her personal and social documentary she always tries to distill "the being" of the person standing in front of her. 

Her first meaningful documentation was of Sahman  Alchoush, a 3-year-old palestinian toddler from Hebron who died of Neuroblastoma. A documentation who later on won an international competition on the subject Transformation of The 8th International Photography Festival PHOTO IS: RAEL, in Kikar Hamediba, Tel Aviv-Israel. 

Her encounter with Sahman's family, made her knowledge very strong that she has the ability to withstand a complex human situation and asked for photography topics that she want to focus on.

In her work she tries to present a greater story of social and personal issues, through intimate and personal stories of people she meets and get to know along her way.

These delicate stories always tell her something about herself as a human and as a creator.



2023 | "ENCLOSED" - IPA -INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Honorable Mention. Category: Deeper Perspective-Community.

2022 | Tolerance Through The Lens - PHOTO IS: RAEL in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Israel. A 3rd Place Winner.

2022 | "ENCLOSED" - PHOTO IS: RAEL The 10th International Photography Festival  One of 21 winners of the open call Action

2022 | "Sahman" - IPA -INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Official Selection. Category: Deeper Perspective.

2020 | "Sahman" - PHOTO IS: RAEL The 8th International Photography Festival  One of 20 winners of the open call Transformation


2023 | FOTOFEST REVIEWED - Group Exhibition. KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO at The MoMA TBILISI, Georgia.

2023 | Tolerance Through The Lens - PHOTO IS: RAEL in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Israel at The Social Gallery, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv.

2022 | ENCLOSED - PHOTO IS:RAEL festival at Enav Cultural Center & City Garden, Tel Aviv.

2020-2021 | Sahman - PHOTO IS:RAEL festival at Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv,  Beit Lohamey Hagetaot Museum and the community center in the southern city Rahat , and the city Kfar Yona.

Open Call Publication:

2022 | Zewdi - Lens MAGAZINE. The international Magazine for fine art photography | ‏October issue #97 | Culture

2021 | Sahman - Lens MAGAZINE Masters in BNW. The BIG B&W Issue 2021 (#80).

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