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feeling humbled and grateful for being one of the 21 winners of the 2022 Open Call ACTION at the Main Exhibition of the 10th international photography festival PHOTO IS:RAEL .

In my artist statement I described that as the pandemic broke and confined each and every one of us, I couldn’t help but think about humans living in closed compounds. That curiosity led me to the closed ward at “Lev-Hasharon”, a Mental Health Hospital, Israel.

I chose to focus on the work of the caregivers. From one encounter to another the frightening sense of loss of one’s identity grew present.

The closer I got, the more I would see, feel, and listen. I understood how important the daily chores of the caregivers were. How essential, and human. I recognized how these caring tasks defended and preserved human dignity that had been lost with time.

Basic displays of giving, devotion and unconditional love were able to peel away my prejudice and confront me with Life’s fragileness.

"… With respect to our patients you walked among us and became a good Samaritan. With your brave heart, you allowed us all to be seen. This act touched us all and in some way, expanded the therapeutic vessel each of us poses.”  – Words from a caregivers member.

To an interview in Ynet with Carla Rataus:

2023 | "ENCLOSED" - IPA -INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Honorable Mention. Category: Deeper Perspective-Community:

From the Exhibition

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