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5 AM dawn strikes the small window on the roof of our caravan.
We decided to go on a family journey to faraway New Zealand. 2 parents and 3 children, for an intense two weeks of together within 270 square feet.


The landscapes and places outside change every second, and inside our caravan everything seems to be the same. 
Everything is organized right on the spot, there is no mess to waste.

A crowded and exciting day leads to overnight parking at a site pre-marked on the map, the velvety travel seat becomes a craft table, getting organized for a meal, my middle one accompanies her little sister to a brisk shower, the travel seat now becomes the little one’s bed, lights off, girls whisper, cold morning, sunrise, first coffee In the caravan, showers, folding beds, the girls breeze again, washing sheets, breakfast, the girls arguing, washing dishes, second coffee for the soul, emptying a sewer pipe, filling a water pipe, a last visit to the bathroom, the girls linger, and set off again.

The routine repeats itself like a scratched record but we do not despair of the annoying jumps, the music turns out to be incredibly pleasant for our ears.


My better half was already clear at the planning stage that he is in charge of operating the adventure.
It was clear to me that I will be with my camera, observing my family with a slight obsession and mostly fails to take my eyes off my 2 daughters, who generate constant interest from in front of the lens.

After all, I promised myself before we set out on the journey that I would document New Zealand differently. No more postcards of endless blue and green landscapes, but rather the reality just as it is, reality of my family, sometimes noisy and frustrated, happy and dramatic, beloved and also Intolerable.


It has been almost two years since our caravan journey ended and every day on the sofa in our living room back home in Israel, my two girls sit crowded and tangled within themselves, tens of feets all around and they are stick to each other, breathing the same breath.
And I keep looking at them and my heart expands with love, and also shrinks.
A sister for myself, Is all i'm longing for.

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